• elcome to Dregmire, a world full of scumbags, demons, fey, and a thousand other creepy crawly bastards ready to cut ya from ear to ear. This is why your abilities are so gal-darn important. Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance at least that's what my gam gam used to say. In Traded Blades you don't just pick a snoozefest class and upgrade the abilities the dusty devs think are flippin neato. You build your abilities from the ground up. Get ready for a character customization that not only changes, but rips the face off the status quo. When we say unrestricted customization, we will bleed before that statement falls short.
          With over a billion...yes a billion possibilities for your characters abilities, you will play the exact character you want! Whether your fancy pantsy mage wants to wear full plate and leap into combat setting enemies ablaze, or your tank wants to plant her shield in front of your squishy and take up a bit of target practice with a pistol, the possibilities are endless! You are spending your time and your money, play the game how you want.
    n Dregmire, there is no mercy, no place for the weak and the timid, there are no guarantees. The only ones you can trust are those at your side brandishing steel, spilling blood and sharing glory. Assemble a Mercenary outfit and establish a garrison. From piss in their pants new recruits to stone cold battle hardened killers you will be the leader of this ragtag mercenary unit!
          Your base is your home and in Traded Blades you will need it. Not only will you expand your base like a boss, but you will also need to protect it. No one's base is safe from the unforgiving world out there, so fortify and defend as necessary. Upgrade and allocate resources within your garrison as you damn well please! With over 20 buildings, multiple upgrades and slottable augmentations, this is not your average base builder, this is the base builder! All our base are belong to you!
    ou are now in the thickest of the thicks partner, mercenaries lookin' to take on the world of Dregmire and to do that you are gonna need to be one crafty S.O.B. Crafting in Traded Blades is no picnic in the park, it's a 23 course feast, a tactical responsibility to make the most out of your outfit! When it comes to craft time you won't just be assemble-izin' bits of armor and weapons. Dregmire has Smith Mods, Runechanting Mods, Jewel Crafting Mods and Artifice Mods to deal the most pain and bring the most gain! Mods are just the tip of the iceberg for crafting.
          Get your old coon skin hat on and be ready to dive into the device kits that create bombs, traps and even barricades. That's right I said barricades, you'll find yerself breachin' doors and barricading forts as you tactically demolish your opponents faces. If devices aren't your style be ready to go arcane in the paint, everything from magical barriers and shields to summoning pit fiends from the bowels of darkness. The book on in game crafting is about to be re-written and the Title is "Traded Blades."
    hat are you sitting around for? Waiting for the boring dusty RPG you play to release a new playable race? forget about it! Throw that game in the garbage and pick up Traded Blades. Traded Blades has over 20 playable effin races, We are talking Drow, Demonborn, Dragonborn, Minotaur, Mountain Dwarves, Deep Dwarves, Hill Dwarves, more dwarves than your mind has room for. Settling is for wimps, and Dregmire eats whimps for a morning snack. So, don't settle on your played race. Pretty much, don't be a wimp, or nobody will like you.
          Being told we can only play an elf, a dwarf, or a human just plain pisses us off!, what is this 1994? are we playing on a 16-bit Operating system? Fancy yer'self more of a Deep Gnome? Whamo, we have it. Lookin' to play a halfing, wildling, wild elf, half-elf, half orc, than get this game. Get into Traded Blades now and create the character you want, with the build you want and the gear you want... Lets face it this is a game you want!
    n the Beginning the Authors created Dregmire, their sentinels oversaw its activity. The cataclysm of the sentinels has become but a folk tale told around the campfires of Dregmire's most superstitious. Life in The Cuts, the fringes of society, is grim on a goddamn good day. Those without protection die and that's just the long and short of it. You have endured the savage calamity of the Malorian invasion. You and your men bet on the wrong shitty Eldin horse and now you bet your ass you're paying for it.
          The life of a mercenary has become your only option. Throw in with others who bring strength to your outfit and disremember the buried before you join em. Gods, Fiends, Fey, Elementals... Hah! these are but a fraction of your problems. Endure, survive, and ascend to GLORY! Or die being a goddamn hero.
    reckon' the real question you should be turnin towards yerself is do you have the skills to play this game? No really, did you even read the tutorial ya idgit? You can't make it through Dregmire without learnin yerself some handy tricks and skills. In Dregmire one does not simply walk through the world clobbering baddies! Dregmire holds a strong hommage to tabletop rpgs which means you want, nay you need skills!
          Whether you want to make like a flippin dolphin and swim round an enemy all sneaky like slice'in him from gullet to gills or be a real bastard and steal any and everything from an old ladies purse! you gotta train yourself! If drinking is your game than "Hold your Liqour" is its name, the name of the skill dummy. The point is Dregmire is cruel, and hard, so you gotta train harder. Skill up with even MORE freakin customization and dominate the faces off your enemies! MAKE that Go Koo bastard look like a 5 year old in the school yard and bring the pain train!
    elcome to the newest, bad ass, deep tactics, mobile based RPG: Traded Blades. If you like superlinear games that hold your hand like a child through the process of developing a story than GO HOME. Traded Blades is so deep you need to bring rope and carabiners! Delve into a game with so many possibilities for achieving goals it will make your brain explode! Develop and progress your characters through Dregmire how you want, all... bets... are.. OFF!
          Sneak through maps and surprise your enemies with a dagger in the back, or just surprise them with that dagger to the face! Plan your attacks or don't! We don't care as long as you are playing the game how you want! An ultra mashup of the Tactics, role playing and Dungeon crawl genres will hit you in the face with its awesomeness, bringing fantasy RPG's to a whole new level! From Gamers, for gamers, we bring you the games we want to play and we love playing this game!
    Ability Crafting Base Management Crafting Playable Races Robust Story and World Lore Skill System Tactics